Not everything I’ve written lives on this website. Several years ago, for no apparent reason, my writing shifted into the creation of intense personal essays, which combine my own experiences, the lives of ancient sages, and other ingredients to explore a deep human issue beyond conventional wisdom. A number of thoughtful publications have done me the honor of publishing these essays in their pages. Here is a selection of them:

  • How the Secrets Came OutThe girl inside me is not my darkest secret. That’s what makes her so important: the reminder that not all deep secrets are dark, and that they come out or don’t come out in their own ways. Published in Catapult.
  • No Thank You Necessary. How can you do something when you don’t know what it is? Many ancient traditions tout the value of gratitude, and most parents have reminded their young children to “say thank you.” But there must be more to it than mere words. This essay digs into the “more.” Published in Amethyst Review (“new writing engaging with the sacred”).
  • A Reluctant Ecstasy. Ecstasy can mean different things. The original Greek translates as “out of one’s mind,” as in insanity, but it can also mean “out of one’s place,” like a zebra among a hundred horses, or a single red splash on an all-black painting. This essay dives deep into “out of place,” and why I can only take so much of it. Published in Belmont Story Review.
  • Into the Arms of the One True God(s). Somewhere in the chanting of divine names—Govinda, Krishna, Ganesh, dozens of voices in a cross between music and roar—I looked around the auditorium and saw Jesus and didn’t know what to think. Published in Braided Way.
  • Scenes from the Q of LGBTQ+. What is it like to live every day outside the confines of he and she? Difficult, intimidating, powerful—and occasionally funny. Published in Evolve (“groundbreaking Jewish conversations”).
  • To Sit While Moving. There’s something luminous about beings who approach the end of life. They almost vibrate, it’s so intense. I want the luminosity to go on forever. I know it won’t. Published in The Sunlight Press.
  • Outside/Inside. I have stopped living on the outside after decades trekking its wastes and drinking from its springs. I have settled on inside, reaching outside, as a home for my heart. Now comes this koan that questions whether there is inside or outside at all. Published in Amethyst Review.