Do you need a speaker?

Perhaps you’d like someone else to give the sermon next week. Or you want a meditative, interactive workshop at your next event. Or you’d like to draw people deeper into the wondrous mystery that is God/Spirit/the Divine. I would be delighted to help.

I am available to speak on topics like these…

  • Dialogue in our age of division (how can I talk with X when she drives me nuts?)
  • Christian mysticism and contemplation (how do I get closer to God?)
  • Gender identity (what is that Q in LGBTQ, anyway?) 
  • Zen, Jesus, and me (should I meditate? why?)
  • Any combination of the above

In venues like these…

  • Conference workshops
  • Denominational gatherings
  • Interfaith groups
  • Panel discussions
  • Sermons
  • Retreats
  • Whatever event is coming up for you

What others have to say…

“John Backman has a deep, fun, dynamic presence as he facilitates and speaks to an audience with such ease that everyone feels heard and entertained. John has a way of offering insight while he engages others in the questions of human dilemmas and addresses a world in trouble. John can soothe the doubts and hear the comments of people around him, whether they are wondering about God or sharing their daily troubles.”

Katy Byrne, MFT, psychotherapist; author, The Courage to Speak Up; columnist, The Sun

“The mellow tones of our presenters established the safe atmosphere sustained throughout this satisfying and productive session…. While no longer than other sessions, time seemed to expand for us to experience, digest and process the exercises. Deep listening flourished as our skilled facilitators guided us through the dimensions of contemplation, reflection and expansion.”

Rick Bommelje, Professor of Communication, Rollins College, and Carole Grau, Grau Interpersonal Communications, on a session co-presented with author Kay Lindahl  

What I have to say…My greatest joy in speaking is getting other people to speak—drawing them into the conversation. It’s why my dream presentation is super-interactive: more breakout groups, more one-on-ones, more meditation exercises, less me yakking. (The video here is an exception.) The topics of my presentations have come from the depths of my heart, so I cannot help but convey them with warmth and enthusiasm.

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