Maybe it was a conversation that healed a friendship…or a comment over lunch that helped you see a hot-button issue in a new way…or an email exchange that softened your heart and maybe even changed your mind…or a sit-down with your partner to sort out a family issue.

Whatever the specifics of your story, I invite you to share it here.

In writing this blog, I’m painfully aware that I am bringing exactly one perspective to the topic of dialogue. One perspective is good, but many are better. The more stories we hear, and the more viewpoints we hear from, the richer and more effective our own dialogues can become.

Confidentiality, of course, must be honored, and I wouldn’t expect you to share sensitive stories. But if you have an experience you can share, feel free to do so—either in the Comments section below or through my Contact form. Thank you, as always, for visiting here and caring about dialogue.